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No Spice YA Fantasy


Looking for young adult books with all the fantasy goodness, but none of the "spice"? You're in the right place! Our list is over 150 books strong & growing!

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A Note from Founder, Brittany Wang


Hello, fellow readers & writers! I'm so excited you're here. While working on my own "no spice" epic ya fantasy, On Wings of Ash and Dust, I was surprised to realize how saturated the market is with "spicy books", even for young adult! This is why I created this directory: A place where fans of "no spice" can always find books they feel comfortable reading as well as recommending to friends, family, and young audiences. This is not to shame anyone who enjoys or writes spicy books, but to serve those who desperately desire "no spice". If this is you, I hope you enjoy coming back again and again to Browse our Lists for your next reads. Also, consider joining our Newsletter & Discord Group to get alerted of new recs & make friends with like-minded readers & writers! Have a book you'd like to recommend we add to the directory? You can Submit a Book here for consideration! You can also Learn More about this Directory, but if you're excited to jump in & start browsing, enjoy!

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"No Spice" can mean different things to different readers.

This is why we use following Rating System to mark our book recs.

Click on a "Level" to view books for that rating!


No romance plots present in story.


Romance / flirting with no physical interactions.


Romance with hand holding & hugging.


Light to moderate kissing.


Evocatively described attraction and/or detailed kissing scenes. May get "handsy".


Sex implied, but not shown. No lead up.


Sex strongly implied with evocatively detailed lead-up before “fades to black”.

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